Application Status

Application Status:
Applied: Student has successfully submitted his/her application for new registration.
Verified: Student record have been confirmed by the concern university focal person.
Disapproved: Student has been disapproved solely by the university focal person due to few reasons which may include incorrect academic details or date of admission, misconduct, or administrative issues etc.
Accepted for Merit List: Student with this status means that their record would be acceptable for processing of Provisional & Final Merit List.
Merit Status:
Selected: You have been selected on merit for the award of the laptop.
Not Selected: This status means that students are not selected based on basic eligibility checks applied during merit list generation.
Asset Issued: Student have already been issued a laptop in any current or previous scheme(s) / Phase(s). In case of any discrepancy, kindly contact your university's focal person.
Waiting : Student with this status are with a chance to be in selected list. In case, any selected student is dropped from the list due to violation of policy, verification process or fake information then the student with "Waiting" Status would be "Selected" for award of the laptop. "Waiting" Status does not guarantee award of the laptop.
Not Eligible : Student with this status means that after Provisional Merit List correction, verification, rectification & execution of eligibility criteria, they are considered Not Eligible.
N/A : This Merit Status Means that Student Record is Still Not Processed for Merit List, which intimates that university has not generated their Provisional/Final Merit list.